Welcome to Tropical Influences by Sheila Blow

Sheila Blow’s paintings are acrylics on canvas usually of tropical subjects with bold and vibrant colors. She concentrates more on the chroma/color than neutral grays in order to capture the bold and alive colors that give the tropical subjects their splendor. In this way, she hopes to achieve vitality and life in the canvas that is so obvious in the subject. Sheila is mostly a self-taught artist and uses her own technique in painting. She seeks out her own subjects and layouts her own designs thus creating a totally original work of art.


I am intrigued with making a 2-dimensional art form give the illusion of a 3-dimensional art form. Also, I have experimented with the effect of a subject from different angles. Making the subject look like it is popping out at you is an illusion I enjoy creating. I find my own subjects and layout my own design and composition either in finding the right positioning of what to paint or creating a design from a reference of a subject. The vivid, bold, and alive colors of Florida and the tropics excite and inspire me. I attempt to make the canvas come alive with the vibrant colors. - Sheila Blow